PEN and IHN 6/15/16
Product Spotlight
  • Available from General Engineering Co

    Absolutely infiltration free connection, Economical, Reduces inventory, Over ten inlet models available, Will connect four, six or eight inch lateral, Saddle base is constructed of tough, durable cast iron, Stainless steel strap assemblies, Eliminates haphazard connections, Simple installation –... Read More
  • Available from Optical Scientific, Inc.

    The OFS 2000C model is enhanced with temperature and pressure sensors to provide data for mass flow measurement. This latest development of our renowned air flow sensor offers operators more accurate control* of the combustion process resulting in increased efficiency, fuel cost savings and... Read More
  • Available from Kemco Systems

    Kemco’s Wastewater Heat Recovery System recovers potentially lost thermal energy by capturing the heat from the wastewater and using it to preheat the incoming fresh water. These wastewater heat recovery systems are extremely efficient and can be designed to provide up to a 5°F “approach”. For... Read More
Top Companies
  • The General Engineering Company (GENECO) is celebrating is 80th year! Our principle product, the SEALTITE Sewer Pipe Saddle, has been the benchmark by which others have been judged for over (40) years. We provide an ever growing list of products designed for use in Underground Utilities Read More
  • Founded in 1991, SPI is an innovative company dedicated to the creation of products designed to protect the environment from oil and hydrocarbon contamination. All of our products are designed, manufactured and tested in our Forest Road Facility in Northford, Connecticut. Read More
  • Optical Scientific, Inc. was founded in 1985. We are a research, development, engineering and manufacturing firm located in the I-270 high technology corridor outside of Washington, DC. Read More