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Products in the Pollution Equipment Buyer's Guide

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  • Wastewater Heat Recovery By Kemco Systems

    Kemco’s Wastewater Heat Recovery System recovers potentially lost thermal energy by capturing the heat from the wastewater and using it to preheat the incoming fresh water. These wastewater heat recovery systems are extremely efficient and can be designed to provide up to a 5°F “approach”. For... Read More
  • Wastewater Treatment Solutions By Anguil Environmental

    Anguil provides turnkey water treatment systems and support for industrial facilities and remediation applications. As a custom solution company, we can integrate a range of technologies with proven techniques to meet specific site challenges for the removal of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH)... Read More
  • Water / Wastewater Treatment Equipment By AdEdge Technologies Inc

    AdEdge Packaged Unit (APU) systems are designed, packaged, and assembled as a turnkey treatment solution for a variety of contaminants. These systems arrive at your site ready to hook up and begin operation. With a variety of custom options available, APU systems are custom designed and... Read More
  • Weather Display Console By Columbia Weather Systems

    Displays weather information • Designed to be viewed clearly from a distance • Industrial grade WVGA touchscreen Displays: • Date and time • Wind chill, dew point, heat index and rain rate • Rain for today, the week, the month and the year • Wind averages and gusts • Min/max values and time... Read More
  • Weather MicroServer By Columbia Weather Systems

    The Weather MicroServer offers a variety of Internet and industrial protocols for automated reporting via computer or industrial automation system. FTP output (XML and CSV) • XML web service • Internet browser user interface SNMP, Modbus/OPC and RTU, DNP3 and BACnet communication protocols... Read More
  • Weather Stations By NovaLynx Corporation

    NovaLynx Corporation can meet your weather measurement needs through custom system configurations, but in many cases one of our packaged weather stations will meet your requirements. Read More
  • WeatherMaster Software By Columbia Weather Systems

    Professional-grade weather monitoring software for robust weather calculations and interoperability with computer models for all CWS weather stations. • Real-time sensor monitoring plus calculated parameters • Data logging and reports • Email/text weather reports to multiple recipients • Alarm... Read More
  • Well Monitoring Equipment By Atlantic Screen & Mfg.

    We manufacture well monitoring equipment including surge blocks, PVC soil testing points, hollow stem auger plugs, PVC pipe clamps and stainless steel centralizers. Read More
  • Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization Systems By Marsulex Environmental Technologies

    MET has a long history of supplying reliable and effective Open Spray Tower Wet Flue Gas Desulfurization systems. Our installations include more than 150 WFGD systems in 22 countries and include units firing coal, oil, waste tires and heavy residuals containing up to 7% sulfur. By offering Open... Read More
  • Wet Scrubbers & Absorbers By D. R. Technology, Inc

    Vapor borne organic-silica, or silica fluoric-silica chloride or combination emissions are in many chemical manufacturing processes including: Semiconductor, Lubricant and Silicone, Fertilizer, and Solar cell wafer as well as other miscellaneous operations. The emissions can't be sent to... Read More
  • Wireless PA / Mass Notification System By Ritron, Inc.

    The LoudMouth wireless PA system is an ideal solution anywhere a hard-wired PA is either too expensive or is simply impossible to install. Get your message to everyone...from plant-wide to small pinpoint areas using your business band radio system. It even works with radio repeaters for... Read More