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Products in the Pollution Equipment Buyer's Guide

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  • e-bac® 2000 Active Bacterial Cultures with Natural Enzymes By The Environmental Co

    Biologically Digests Organic Waste and Controls Malodors Description: A stable liquid concentrate containing a unique blend of 38 different species of naturally-occurring microorganisms capable of degrading complex carbohydrates and proteins, fats, oils, and grease; selected hazardous organics... Read More
  • Energy Efficient Air Handling Systems in Engineered Polymers By Simtech Process Systems

    AirTechâ„¢ - The Most Complete Air Handling System for Industry and Labs with Molded Components Up to 48" The safe removal of harmful and corrosive fumes and gasses from workplaces and production spaces is essential for safety and environmental protection. As a material for exhausting of... Read More
  • Engineering & Construction Services By Bionomic Industries Inc

    -Equipment maintenance service programs -Complete pollution control system design and supply -Full turnkey installation services -System start-up assistance and operator training programs -Emission control testing services Read More
  • Evaporation Gauges By NovaLynx Corporation

    NovaLynx offers a variety of mechanical and electronic systems for measuring the evaporation rate of water into the atmosphere. Read More
  • Exhaust Fans for Fume Scrubbers By TFI & Inline Design Corporation

    TFI/Inline Design both manufactures and distributes exhaust fans that are fabricated using both PVC and polypropylene and are designed to work in corrosive environments. Read More
  • Exhaust Gas Treatment By PRD Tech Inc.

    Since the early 1970s, air pollution control regulations have required many businesses to install emission control systems to destroy volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and/or hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), or face fines. Some of the significant changes that influence the selection of solutions... Read More