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Solar and Wind Farm Protection

Press Release from Solidification Prod Intl

SPI   Petro-Pipe®   PIT-416-M1.5 SG is designed for FR3 Soy-Bean Oil.  It is 16" long X 3.8" diameter with a 1.5" male fitting that attaches to ball valves and fittings.  The   Petro-Pipe®   is designed to allow rain water to drain while completely filtering out all Vegetable Oils or Fuel Sheen to non-detectable levels.  In the event of a major spill, the   Petro-Pipe®   totally shuts down and prevents all flow from discharging and backs the spill into the containment area.  The   Petro-Pipe®   is installed on a 15° to 25° slope for best results.  The Pre-Filter Canister is used with the   Petro-Pipe®   to filter dirt and debris. The canister has a male 1.5" fitting to install onto a ball valve, the complete top unscrews for the replacement of the dirt filters. The discharge end has a 1.5" female fitting that allows the   Petro-Pipe®   to attach to the Pre-Filter Canister.  This new   Petro-Pipe®   is used at Solar Installations and Wind Farm locations to protect against the specific oils used at these types of sites.  SPI is keeping up with new technologies and always improving our Oil Spill Prevention and Protection products.