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Products by Bionomic Industries Inc
  • Dry and Dry/Wet Scrubbers

    Bionomic Dri-Scrub™ Dry and Wet/Dry Combination Scrubber Systems are available for gas flows from 160 to 75,000 acfm, provide particulate collection efficiencies between 98 and 99.9% on most applications, and are normally used for scrubbing fine particulate with acid gases. Dry systems utilize a... Read More
  • BTIP Bioscrubber / Biofiltration

    BTIP extends the capabilities of natural biological treatment of gaseous organic compounds, hydrogen sulfide, odors and more with increased removal efficiency while simultaneously removing particulate if present. A unique combination of proprietary mist scrubbing, bio-scrubbing/filtration and... Read More
  • Engineering & Construction Services

    -Equipment maintenance service programs -Complete pollution control system design and supply -Full turnkey installation services -System start-up assistance and operator training programs -Emission control testing services Read More
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