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BTL Certification Granted for CETCI BACnet® Module

Press Release from Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc.

BTL Certification Granted for CETCI BACnet ® Module

Delta, British Columbia, Canada – Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc. (CETCI) is delighted to announce that we have been granted the BACnet® Testing Laboratories (BTL) certification for the CETCI BACnet® Module upon passing the BTL requirements for the BACnet® Smart Actuator (B-SA) designation.

The CETCI BACnet® Module is a microprocessor intended to plug into CETCI’s QCC Quad Channel Controller, FCS Flexible Control System, LPT-P Digital Car Park Transmitter and the LPT-B BACnet® Transmitter to facilitate BACnet® communications protocol between the device and a building automation systems.

New product development has been our focus for quite some time with our goal being to develop a suite of versatile gas detection products, the LPT Family. Beginning with the economical single sensor LPT gas detector and analog LPT-A gas detector, followed by the self-contained SCC and DCC Controllers and most recently we have released our 4 channel controller, the QCC. Now that the CETCI BACnet® Module is certified, the QCC is available with buyer’s choice of Modbus® or BACnet® WAN communications protocol. This offers flexibility into integrating our fixed gas detection system with existing controls systems.

This Fall we will release our 3 channel Modbus® and BACnet® gas detectors which will offer digital, fixed gas detection systems for a wide range of applications. In addition, we look forward to unveiling the FCS Controller which comes with all the bells and whistles, including peripheral devices that increase the number of available analog inputs, analog outputs, relays and extend the LAN network for large system applications. Shortly thereafter, look for our wireless and Wi-Fi system devices.

It has been an exciting couple of years to watch our LPT Family of products materialize from specs on paper to working devices. Our Engineers have been busy designing, building and testing the products that we are proud to offer our distributors and their customers. We strive to create quality products that meet the demands of the various gas detection markets in features, functionality and recognized codes and standards for structural integrity, electromagnetic compatibility, safety and communication protocols. Our products conform to CSA, UL, CE, FCC and IP54 standards. Complying with the BTL protocol standards is one more recognized stamp of approval. 

For more information on the entire range of gas detection systems and IAQ instruments, please visit our website.

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