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Haskel International Inc

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100 East Graham Place
Burbank, CA 91502-2027
About Haskel International Inc
  • Haskel oxygen boosters provide cost savings and increased safety for breathing air applications such as filling aircraft on-board O2 cylinders for emergency, commercial, military and private fleets. Transfer O2 into various high pressure receivers. Pump from high or medium pressure sources to collect and transfer the gas from partially depleted supply cylinders to “top off” other cylinders to maximum pressure. Conventional industrial, shipboard or contractor type compressed air sources are normally used for power. All motive power and controls are completely pneumatic with no electrical connections required.

    Haskel’s standard Oxygen cleaning procedure meets Mil Spec 1330D. Users of Haskel Oxygen cleaned products can rest assured that our equipment meets the stringiest of Oxygen cleaning standards as established by the U.S. Department of Defense for the U.S. Navy. We follow rigid procedures in assembling, testing and packaging Oxygen cleaned products and components to assure cleanliness and to avoid the inherent danger of oxygen reacting with grease, oil, or other foreign matter. All Haskel Oxygen cleaned equipment is issued with a certification that the equipment has been oxygen cleaned per Mil Spec 1330D.
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