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Duke's Root Control Inc.

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1020 Hiawatha Boulevard West
Syracuse, NY 13204-1118
About Duke's Root Control Inc.
  • Prevent stoppages today and preserve pipes for years to come.

    Duke’s Root Control, Inc. is a full-service root control company dedicated to keeping sewer systems free of tree root growth. Through professional application of Duke’s proprietary herbicide, Razorooter II, over 2,000 U.S. municipalities have benefited from extended pipe life, reduced SSO occurrences, and maximized asset value. Duke’s has successfully treated over 180 million feet of sewer line and continues to deliver results to municipalities through:

    Asset Management/CMOM Solutions: Duke’s can customize a root-control program that integrates CMOM into each municipality’s O&M plan.

    EPA-Registered Products: Duke’s only applies EPA-registered products that do not negatively impact downstream treatment facilities and are shown to be non-cancer-causing (U.S. EPA R.E.D. Facts, July 1995).

    2-3 Year Guarantee: Duke’s stands behind their service 100%.
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