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Weather Stations Auto-Update for Internet Monitoring

Press Release from Columbia Weather Systems

Weather Stations from Columbia Weather Systems upload data directly to Weather Underground® for meteorological data viewing from any Internet-enabled device. This can be accomplished via  Weather Master™ PC-compatible software or the Weather MicroServer™ monitoring device. CWS weather stations earn the Goldstar rating from Weather Underground as a “high-quality station.”

Weather Underground is an excellent way for companies to make their weather data viewable to a broad audience including workforce and the public. It offers a graphically pleasing, real-time monitoring screen with weather station data, some historical data and graphs. It also adds radar where available and the option to embed widgets.

Besides the Internet network site, Weather Underground offers apps for iPhones and Android phones, as well as the WunderStation App for iPad® devices. This makes monitoring weather stations easy across devices.

Columbia Weather Systems offers weather stations for industrial and government applications worldwide with all-in-one and modular meteorological sensor configurations and a variety of monitoring options.

For more information visit: https://columbiaweather.com

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