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Custom Weather Monitoring for Waste Management

Press Release from Columbia Weather Systems

Monitoring the weather is critical in waste management for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is regulatory compliance. A new Case Study from Columbia Weather Systems shows how their Orion Weather Station™ was customized to meet specific requirements for hazardous waste management at US Ecology site in Idaho. 

Conditions of USEI's operating permit required one-hour rolling wind speed and direction averages to help control dust. Columbia Weather Systems modified their standard system to accommodate USEI's monitoring requirement for handling waste.

The Orion model offers an all-in-one sensor module with ultrasonic wind speed and direction measurement, as well as temperature, barometric pressure, and humidity. Monitoring is accomplished via computer software and industrial protocols.

Columbia Weather Systems manufactures weather monitoring equipment for industrial and government applications worldwide.

For more information or to download the case study, visit: https://columbiaweather.com/applications/waste-disposal/

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