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Products in the Pollution Equipment Buyer's Guide

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  • Tank Cover By Industrial & Environmental Concepts Inc

    IEC has several types of tank covers to meet client's operational needs. The covers are designed for odor control, heat retention, algae & TSS control. We have designs for virtually any tank. We offer floating, suspended, column supported, gas collection with a wide range of options such as... Read More
  • The Determinator By Delphian Corporation

    The FM and CSA approved Delphian Determinator (Fixed Point Infrared) sensor is a smart infrared hydrocarbon gas detector. It has no moving parts. It displays gas concentrations up to and above 100% LEL including over-range (above 120% LEL) concentrations up to 999% LEL. It can determine which... Read More
  • Ton Container Vessel By ChlorTainer

    ChlorTainer’s Ton Container Vessel is ideal for large-volume users of chlorine, such as municipal water treatment plants. The 1-ton Container Vessel is built to accommodate a standard one-ton chlorine cylinder. The vessel comes with a 2-bolt chain-drive closure and the following additional... Read More
  • Toxic and Combustible Gas Detector By Analytical Technology, Inc.

    ATI's D12 Toxic and Combustible Gas Transmitter will accept up to 46 different sensors, greatly reducing the need for multiple gas transmitter models. The self-aligning sensor holder simply plugs in, with automatic gas sensor recognition and verification when contact is made. For many toxic... Read More
  • TRACER GAS TESTING By Lagus Applied Technology Inc

    The underlying concept of tracer gas testing is that a gaseous taggant (tracer) can be dispersed in such a way that by following the movement of, and measuring the concentration of, tracer gas one can determine airflow and contaminant movement in complex situations The movement of a contaminant... Read More
  • Twin 150 ChlorTainer Vessel By ChlorTainer

    ChlorTainer’s Twin Container Vessel is ideal for moderate-volume users of chlorine. The Twin Container Vessel is built to accommodate two standard 150 pound chlorine cylinders. In Twin Cylinder mode, both cylinders are processed simultaneously. The vessel comes with either a 2-bolt... Read More
  • Two-Piece Flow Detector By BinMaster

    Model: Flow Detect 1000 This two-piece flow detector alerts users to the flow or no flow status of solids or powders via a separate control console mounted away from the sensor for easy access. Read More