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Products in the Pollution Equipment Buyer's Guide

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  • Pegasus FLX Portable Weather Station By Columbia Weather Systems

    End-to-end portable weather monitoring solution for tactical operations. Standard sensors include 360-degree wind direction, wind speed, temperature, barometric pressure, humidity. Modular system with additional sensor options. All portable weather station systems include: * Rugged, roller... Read More
  • Penguin Precious Metal Recovery Systems By Filter Pump Industries Div Penguin Pumps

    Pengruin precious metal recovery systems are a simple, economical method for reclaiming gold and other precious metals from processing rinse water and drag-out tanks. The ion exchange resin is considered to be hydrophilic in nature and displays excellent cation exchange resin properties and... Read More
  • Personal Air Breathing Unit By Martech Services Company

    The Personal Air Breathing Unit includes a breathing air filter to remove oil vapors, hydrocarbons, toxins, and odors commonly found in compressed air system. The built-in carbon monoxide monitor continuously monitors the filtered air for compliance with current OSHA standards. The monitor is... Read More
  • Personal Air Conditioners By ITW Vortec

    Workers in extreme temperatures wear Personal Air Conditioners (PACs) to minimize heat stress, cold stress and fatigue and improve comfort and productivity. The new Dual Action PAC switches quickly from cold to hot, to provide comfort in all seasons. Vortec personal cooling vests have two... Read More
  • pH Adjustment Systems By Digital Analysis Corp

    pH Adjustment Systems for Industrial wastewater. Standard skid mounted systems include continuous flow and batch processing. We also provide fluoride reduction and heavy metal reduction systems. Read More
  • pH Neutralization Systems By Digital Analysis Corp

    pH Neutralization and Acid Waste Neutralization systems for industrial wastewater. All of our wastewater neutralization systems are skid mounted and totally automated. We also manufacture heavy metal removal and fluoride reduction systems. Read More
  • Pipe Plugs By Solidification Prod Intl

    Petro-Plugs® are disposable oil barriers that are more effective and less expensive than oil/water separators. Designed to fit standard piped floor drains in boiler rooms, garages, warehouses, oil storage areas and underground vaults, the Petro-Plug® removes low levels of diesel, gasoline and... Read More
  • Pneumatic Pumps By Blackhawk Technology Company

    Blackhawk offers positive displacement piston pneumatics suitable for a broad range of applications and environments from normal to harsh. Models go as deep as 800 feet/245 meters with volumes to 11 gpm/41 lpm. The pumps are designed for a broad range of applications, are available in several... Read More
  • Polypropylene and PVC Ducting for Fume Scrubbers By TFI & Inline Design Corporation

    TFI/Inline Design offers PVC ducting in 8”, 10” and 12” diameters, as well as various standard parts such as elbows, couplings, etc. The use of PVC ducting protects the ventilation system from corrosion due to the presence of corrosive acid fumes. Along with the standard sizes, custom sizes can... Read More
  • Polypropylene and PVC Inline® Fume Scubbers By TFI & Inline Design Corporation

    TFI/Inline Design VS Series Fume Scrubbers in Polypropylene or PVC are designed for laboratories and any point of use application that requires removal of acid vapors from exhausted air. perform under the most demanding corrosive environmental conditions. The VS Series Scrubber is a compact... Read More
  • Pond & Tank Liners By Industrial & Environmental Concepts Inc

    Industrial and Environmental Concepts (IEC) is a leading manufacturer of geo-membrane products, specializing in tank and lagoon liners. Our innovative designs have been utilized throughout North America and across 4 continents. IEC engineers design each liner system to meet our client’s... Read More
  • Portable Scrubbers By D. R. Technology, Inc

    Pharmaceutical facilities frequently have a number of batch manufacturing reactors that during operation can generate noxious fumes such as HCl, HBr, NH3, and HF. The plants are faced with either having a small emission control unit at each reactor, or one large central emissions control unit... Read More
  • Preskidded (Packaged) Scrubber Systems By D. R. Technology, Inc

    Frequently client requirement call for equipment that is shop preassembled so that installation time and cost can be minimized. Preskidding/preassembly requirements can vary from project to project but in the limit this is what can be supplied: - The Scrubbing Equipment itself. - Recycle Pump... Read More
  • Preventive Maintenance and Oxidizer Evaluations By Anguil Environmental

    Did you know that some air permits require oxidizer operators to have scheduled maintenance programs for their systems in order to remain in compliance with regulations? The Anguil Preventive Maintenance Evaluation (PME) is a thorough audit of a system's operation, involving an extensive... Read More
  • Product Line Guide By Bionomic Industries Inc

    New and Expanded Bionomic Product Line Guide Offers a Quick Overview of the Company's Latest Air Pollution Control, Product and Heat Recovery Technologies. Read More
  • PTFE Fittings & Connectors By International Polymer Solutions Inc

    iPolymer PTFE Fittings & Connectors are offered in a wide range of styles and sizes. These include classic flared, compression tube to standard pipe style end connections. These Fittings & Connectors are 100% pure PTFE material. Standard Nuts are constructed from PVDF and for many configurations... Read More
  • Pulsar Weather Stations By Columbia Weather Systems

    Top-of-the-line weather station model offers the ease of all-in-one sensor head with several different meteorological parameter configurations to choose from including lightning detection. Requires Weather MicroServer or Weather Display Console. Features • Choice of sensor configuration in... Read More
  • PUMPS By Filter Pump Industries Div Penguin Pumps

    Penguin Pumps offer the most advanced pumps for every industrial application. Penguin pumps are ruggedly constructed yet compact, energy-efficient, easily maintained, corrosion-resistant, capable of handling both high temperatures and high flow rates and feature the latest hydraulic technology. Read More
  • PVC Couplings By Atlantic Screen & Mfg.

    We manufacture many types of PVC fittings including slip plugs, slip points, male and female adapters, internal slip couplings and slip caps. Read More