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Reliant Water Technologies

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141 Robert E Lee Boulevard, #284
New Orleans, LA 70124-2534
About Reliant Water Technologies
  • Reliant Water Technologies is a global marketing and manufacturing company that supplies high quality, one-of-a-kind products to the municipal, industrial and private fish/shrimp farming markets. All of our products are unique, usually patented, answers to common problems found in the treatment of water. Common applications are:

    Saving electricity while aerating, reducing sludge and optimizing effluent water quality in wastewater treatment ponds and lagoons.

    Eliminating odor and FOG (fats oils grease) in municipal collection system lift stations.

    Reducing sludge and optimizing wastewater plant processes for enhanced water quality.

    Removing odor from ponds/lagoons and activated sludge plants.

    Dissolved oxygen monitoring and control, especially for harsh applications.

    All Reliant Water technologies are designed to provide Returns on Investment through the reductions of energy, maintenance, component replacement costs, and labor efficiencies.
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Products by Reliant Water Technologies
  • Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers

    Continuous monitoring DO instrumentation - both galvanic and optical sensors. Made in the USA and guaranteed to provide reliable, long term dissolved oxygen readings under any wastewater or aquatic environment. Read more