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Products by Columbia Weather Systems
  • Pulsar Weather Stations

    Top-of-the-line weather station model offers the ease of all-in-one sensor head with several different meteorological parameter configurations to choose from including lightning detection. Requires Weather MicroServer or Weather Display Console. Features • Choice of sensor configuration in... Read More
  • Orion Weather Station

    Our most popular all-in-one with up to six meteorological parameters in one sensor module: * Ultrasonic wind sensor * Impact rain sensor * Temperature, humidity, and pressure Benefits: * Accurate and stable measurements * No moving parts * Low power consumption *... Read More
  • Capricorn FLX Weather Station

    Features • Modular design for sensor selection and optimal sensor location • Proven, reliable mechanical wind sensors • Temperature and/or humidity in self-aspirating radiation shield • Many other meteorological sensor options • Two additional general-purpose analog channels • Low power... Read More
White Papers by Columbia Weather Systems
  • Weather Monitoring: Lessons Learned from a HazMat Exercise By

    Weather can be both a cause of disasters and a hazard in responding to them. Specific meteorological parameters impact disaster response and mitigation. A preparedness exercise by the State of Arizona Eastern Region illustrates how automatic weather monitoring technology can enhance disaster... Read more
  • Weather Monitoring for Waste Management By

    US Ecology Idaho treats and disposes hazardous waste, non-hazardous industrial waste and low-activity radioactive material. Conditions of their operating permit require USEI to monitor weather conditions at the facility. The company purchased an Orion Weather Station with Weather MicroServer and... Read more
  • Weather Monitoring for Industrial Automationwith DNP3 By

    CWS's Weather MicroServer offers DNP3 ethernet or serial RS-485 communication to interface CWS weather stations with process automation systems used primarily in utilities such as electric and water companies. Read more
News about Columbia Weather Systems
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Clients of Columbia Weather Systems
    • British Petroleum
    • Chevron
    • Tesoro
    • Exxon Mobil
    • Pfister Chemical Inc.
    • Intel
    • Honda of America
    • Toyota
    • Greenridge Reclamation
    • US Ecology
    • And many more...